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5 Different Types of Indoor Tanning Lotions

If you’re embarking on the indoor tanning route then you must use some type of indoor tanning lotion. Going in a tanning bed without using a tanning lotion just isn’t going to give you the full effect of the beds, so since you’re investing the time, invest a few extra bucks in a good tanning lotion. Let our staff here at Rayz in Clearwater/Dunedin area serve as a resource to assist you in selecting the best product for your skin type and your tanning goals.

It can be overwhelming to decide which lotion is for you. Bronzers, tingling, etc.? Take a deep breathe, and read….

Indoor Tanning Lotions are categorized into about 5 different categories. They can, however be mixed together, for instance you can get an indoor tanning lotion with both a tingle factor and a bronzer in it.

The information below should help you decipher between the different characteristics you see on your tanning salon shelf.

1. BASIC ACCELERATOR: Beginner to the tanning scene? These are great for a beginning tanner or someone with exceptionally pale or sensitive skin.

2. BRONZER: These are by far the most popular tanning lotions on the market. A few years ago, tanning companies stopped calling lotions bronzer and started competing to see “how many” bronzers they could fit into one lotion, thus hiking their prices to reflect their new breakthrough formulas. However, don’t be fooled. There are still just two types of bronzers: immediate and delayed. Either way, make sure that you apply these lotions evenly and wipe your hands off as soon as you are done to avoid streaking your skin.

3. TINGLE: These super charged lotions pack a lot of punch for a beginning tanner. Even the most frequent experienced tanner can have trouble using tingle. These indoor tanning lotions stimulate your skin, causing it to redden and become irritated. This effect can last for hours and result in an uncomfortable burning and itching feeling. If you’re in a cold climate and resort to tanning during winter months this nice tingling sensation makes you feel warm and toasty long after your tanning time! Tingles remain the most effective tanning lotions. Combine them with a good bronzer, and you are sure to have a beautiful, dark tan in no time.

4. FACIAL TANNERS: The skin on your face is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of your body. Most indoor tanning lotions are not designed to be applied to your face. Opt for a special tanning lotion just for the face. Or, better yet, apply SPF to protect the face from tanning, and just use a great make-up bronzer to achieve a nice glow.

5. AFTER-TAN MOISTURIZERS: These tanning lotions are promoted as add-ons to your lotion purchase. Use any non mineral-oil based moisturizer will do, just make sure to apply it within five minutes of getting out of the tanning bed.

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