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Vitamin D Experts on Sunlight & Sunbeds

The common questions often posed to Doctors is “can sun beds be used to make Vitamin D, and further would you use a sun bed to make Vitamin D?”
An article via thetanningguru website inquired to four leading experts on Vitamin D.
Q: “Can sun beds be used to make Vitamin D?” This is of special concern for those up north during winter months.
Dr. Robert P. Heany, Professor of Medicine, Creighton University answers: ”
“Sunbeds can be used as an alternative to going outdoors, particularly in the winter when you wouldn’t want to expose much skin anyway. They do make Vitamin D in your skin and do it perfectly well.”
Dr. Reinhold Veith, PhD, Professor, University of Toronto answers:
“Sunbeds, of course, can be sued to make Vitamin D. One of the ways we measured the amounts of Vitamin D, the skin has the capacity to make, answering the question: “How much vitamin D does the sun give you?’, nobody has actually gone out and laid in the sun, those experiments covered suntanning beds data. So then what we claim about sunshine and how much it makes (of Vitamin D), it is actually referring to suntanning bed results. So of course they do.”
Dr Robert Heany, MD states that “as a physician I would recommend sun beds to my patients who have malabsorption syndromes. That is, their intestines are not working correctly and cannot absorb vitamin D very efficiently from food or supplementation taken by mouth.”

Finally quoting
Michael F. Holick, PhD, MD, Professor of Medicine, Boston University Medical Ctr.:

“Tanners, actually have robust levels of 25-hydroxy vitamin D when measured their vitamin D status. We did a study here in Boston, just out of curiosity. When we looked at blood levels of 25-hydroxy vitamin D among tanners who used a tanning bed at least once a week during the winter, their level in average was 48 ng/ml, which is really robust. We matched with both sex and age, men and women, who did not use a tanning bed and their blood level was 18 ng/ml. They were all vitamin D deficient. So, yeah, tanning beds can make vitamin D in the skin. Just make sure that it puts out UVB-light and, like I said, if you want to make your vitamin D from a suntanning bed, use sun-protection on your face, half the time as recommended for tanning. This minimize the potential for getting a sunburn and minimize skin-damage and yet get the advantage of making vitamin D.”

Cited from www.thetanningguru.com

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