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The premier indoor tanning salon of Clearwater and Dunedin. Keep that beautiful, sunkissed glow all year round with our state-of-the-art tanning beds. Or receive an instant, bronze customized spray tan from one of our skilled airbrush technicians. Sunless tanning is a wonderful alternative for the ultimate tanning experience.

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Rayz Tanning Salon of Clearwater and Dunedin is dedicated to providing our tanning customers with excellent customer service and to educate our tanning clients about the benefits of indoor tanning and sunless tanning. Rayz Tanning Salon’s mission is to help you reach your ultimate tanning goal in a controlled indoor tanning environment.

At Rayz Tanning Salon we provide our tanning clients with the highest level of tanning experience at the most affordable tanning prices. Whether you are from Clearwater, Dunedin, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor or visiting from out of state, we know you’ll have an amazing tanning experience at Rayz Tanning Salon!

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“New customers receive 15% off any unlimited month tanning package! “

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We get vitamin D through exposure to the suns powerful ultraviolet rays, from dietary supplements and our diet. Recent studies have shown that adequate vitamin D in the body is responsible for the reduction of many chronic diseases. Vitamin D, nicknamed “The Sunshine Vitamin” has shown to reduce the factors that result in diseases like diabetes, osteoporosis, lymphoma, autoimmune diseases and several forms of cancer including colon, prostate, lung, and even skin cancer. Indoor tanning has also shown to help cases of eczema and psoriasis. Though vitamin D can be absorbed into the body through foods and supplements, the most effective way to get it is through the skin in the form of sunlight. Researchers conclude that to get the optimal amount of vitamin D, it is practically impossible through only enriched foods and supplements. This healthy amount of sunlight can be achieved through controlled exposure to the sun and through professional, indoor tanning.

Safe, indoor tanning has also shown to help counteract the effects of lack of sunshine in the long winter months. Clinically known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), can trigger feelings of depression, lethargy, fatigue and other health problems.

Rayz Tanning Salon takes a “Lifestyle” approach to tanning. We promote safety and professionalism while our customers gain the health and wellness benefits of tanning. Rayz Tanning Salon believes it is important that you are aware and insist on clean, well-maintained tanning facilities. Our beds are maintained beyond state and manufacturers recommendations, ensuring the highest level of consistency and quality.

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